The series of paintings called Hard Nature, spring from a reflection regarding the American landscape. I am referring to that wild and exuberant landscape which has always defined the qualities of the tropics. Words such as: profusion, beauty and exotic abound in the most immediate appreciation of said environment. Nevertheless, besides those adjectives also others come to my mind …. something deeply chaotic, wild and voracious which also forms part of the tropical landscape. And I ask myself: Doesn’t the environment determine a fundamental part in us?

The landscape in my work is not only formed by the flora and by the correlations of said flora, or by strange symbiotic relationships, it is also formed by the fauna, a fauna as strange as the flora: imagined animals, hybrids of the land and of the sea which are confused in a thick and complex world of interactions and relationships. Those which at simple sight seem harmless are also monstrous beings that metamorphose among themselves. And maybe this is one of the most important intentions of my work; that which seems simply “abundant and beautiful”, guards in its nature something that is also “savage and terrible”. That is the essence of this plastic-visual cosmos: to denote the duality of the tropical landscape.

The technique employed in my work begins with acrylic and Molotov acrylic labelers over canvas and paper. I also work with extremely used brushes, practically useless, which are fundamental to obtain diverse qualities over the canvas. To the acrylic I add wax crayons, oil pastel and diverse inks.

My eyes explore, think and imagine the vegetation of the tropics… And when doing so they discover new spaces of our identity.

This immense, fertile
vegetation……. seems
without end.
Sometimes a garden,
sometimes hell.

Ana Vanessa Urvina