My Artwok emerges from the interpretation of my surroundings which are the Tropics. The overflowing and exotic nature of Venezuela has always surrounded me, producing in me a sense of fascination and amazement towards it. I get my inspiration from the direct observation of this nature, specifically from the tropical gardens that are spaces of great biodiversity.

I make sketches where I break down plant and animal elements into smaller parts, I bring them together, take them apart and rearrange them turning them into micro worlds that transfer to the canvas, wood, paper or installations, using diverse materials such as acrylic paint, inks, chalk, oil pastel, acrylic or wood sheets.

These natural forms go from being leaves, branches, seeds, hanging plants, or shrubs, to become strange organic forms that coexist with fantastic landscapes and hybrid beings. Poetic forms that seek to look at the landscape in another way, understanding its colors, shapes, dimensions and implications for those who inhabit it.

This immense, fertile
vegetation……. seems
without end.
Sometimes a garden,
sometimes hell.

Ana Vanessa Urvina