Photo by Maurio Amoretti, Miami, 2021

Ana Vanessa Urvina Born in Caracas on the 15th of August year 1982

Studies, scholarships and academic work

2006 Bachelor in Plastic Arts, School of Arts of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas.

2008 Master in Artistic Production, Visual Arts specialty, of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain.

2007 Winner of the Alban Scholarship for the study of said Master Degree.

2009-2011 Professor of the School of Literature of the Universidad Católica, imparting the investigation seminary on Painting and Literature in the Vanguards of the XX Century, Caracas.

2011-2013 Professor of the Academic Degree in Art Critics, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas.

2012 Publication of Master’s Thesis: Art-Literature Correspondences: a panoramic vision of the XX Century. Dialogues, image and word, Spanish Academic Editorial.

2012 Participation in the creation course of the Book of the Artist, University of Costa Rica, San José.

2009-2015 Professor of the School of Arts of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, imparting Latin American Aesthetic Ideas, Caracas.

2015 Participation in the Intensive Painting Course of Columbia University, New York. Program imparted during the summer based on the MFA of Columbia.

2015 Professor of the workshop Art Book, Lugar Común Bookstore, Caracas


2009 Honor Mention obtained in the VII Visual Arts Exhibition Room DYCVENSA.

2009-2011 Participation in the night of galleries Hatillarte.

2011 Collective Waves in the Gallery of Innovating Art and Venezuelan Treasures, El Hatillo.

2011 Collective Quavers and Emotions in the Hatillarte. 2011 Publication of the individual catalogue Home Pictures.

2012 Exhibition Mobile Nature at the Come a Casa Restaurant, Los Palos Grandes, Caracas.

2013 Participation in the collective sample The Book Workshop at the CELARG, Caracas.

2014 Collective Exhibition Found Art together with José Duque at the Social and Culture Center, Don Antonio Enrique Eraso of the Hatillo, Caracas.

2014 Publication of the catalogue with an individual work, Fantastic Animal.

2015 Collective Exhibition at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York.

2015 Collective exhibition Open sea together with José Duque and Carlos Verea at the Center of Art Gallery of the Hatillo, el Hatillo, Caracas.

2015 Collective exhibition of public art to participate in the Windows of The Hatillo project, event sponsored by Zulia beer and their Artisans’ platform.

2016 Collective exhibition at the Marta Torres Gallery-August, Ibiza, Spain.

2016 Collective exhibition at the Crisolart Gallery-September, Barcelona, Spain.

2016 Collaboration with ArtePunto at the Cultural B.0.D. Center. Exhibition of paints and art books. 2016 Participation at the Mendoza Gallery on the 25th, 26th and 27th of August, within the framework of sales of catalogues and artist books in commemoration of their 60 years. Exposition of four Art Books written by me, sole editions.

2017 Spring Art Show de Barcelona, Espacio 120, España. Galería Art Nou Millenni. Art Beijing 2017, Beijing, China. Galeria Art Nou Millenni. Colective Show in Galeria Aragon 232, Barcelona, Spain. All Art. Pollination, Collective Summer Show, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, USA.

2017 SketchBook Project at Brooklyn art Library in Brooklyn, USA

2017 Exhibition Tropical Christmas Eden at Lugar Común Bookstore in Caracas, Venezuela.

2018 Exhibition Vegetative calligraphies at ArtePunto in the Cultural B.O.D. Center

2018 Collective exhibition Sketchbooks LLC at Lugar Común Bookstore in Caracas, Venezuela.

2019 Exhibition Metáforas del Trópico at the Centro de Bellas Artes Ateneo de Maracaibo, in Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela.